Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Authentic Kid

James has been wanting a mohawk for some time.  At his last hair cut he boldly told the hair stylist that he wanted a mohawk while I grimaced and revised his request to "faux-hawk".  The stylist confirmed that this meant that there would be hair on the side and I noted my exact understanding of the haircut.  

Fast forward-- James looks in the mirror at home and his little lip trembles and he said that he wanted a real mohawk.

It's summer-- and you know. . . why not.  I hack it together with a little painters tape and Matt's clippers and we have a real mohawk.

Fast forward-- lip tremble-- it's not a color. ..  well, if you are like me you grew up with the book "if you give a mouse a cookie, you know at the end of the day you get a happy mouse.

Well, we let him do it-- and I think this is one of my proudest moments as a parent.  He is so confident with his new hair- like a peacock strutting about.  The best part though is the self talk he does in the mirror-- hey you, guy there with the purple hair.  (guns, pew pew, fist pump) Yeah!

I am not sure what sort of expression is in this kid-- he has always been so excited about his looks and  I guess it's natural for it to expand to hair.  I wish I could say that I was totally on board- but I did have to give it a bit to warm up.  Now I see him running around with the lightness of someone who KNOWS just how cool they look and I can't believe that I made him ask me for 3 years before letting him do it.

It might not be for every one-- and I am sure there are mothers out there judging me for my child's semi-permanent look-- but this has been great. for both of us.

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