Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sweet Sassy Molassy

Deirdre is three.  Hard to believe--

One little story about miss Daisy before I turn you over to the video.  On Daisy's first birthday she pinched out her birthday candles while her three year old brother threw a conniption because he thought the honor was his.  We all gasped about the burned baby but she was fine-- because that's just how Deirdre rolls.  Blowing is for losers.

On her third birthday* we go to light the candle and sing happy birthday and Deirdre disappears into the basement and comes back with a candle lighter.  You know, from her personal stash.** 

Hard to believe this is the same kid two years later, right? Well, that's Deirdre. Independent, competent, sassy.


* Her first friend birthday-- which she asked for, planned and overall orchestrated with the help of pinterest. I kid you not.  The kid was on fucking pinterest. "I said Fairy Pancakes!"
**Crap parents we are, we do not keep the fire starters in the play room. 

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