Sunday, August 10, 2014


We are celebrating again in our little house today.  Simon Tirfe is two.  That's right-- although we have been feeling the effects for quite some time. . . today we officially have two-two year olds.   Wrap your arms around that one folks. . . TWO two year olds.   I am sure you are all feeling immense pangs of jealousy.*

Kidding aside, it's pretty sweet.  A good 90% is hilarious-- the other 10% is epic badness.  I think that's what having kids means though.

Simon has had an incredible couple months-- the arrival of the baby has made him suddenly a big boy.  He is very nurturing and caring for the baby while keeping up better with the bigger kids.   He is still our busy boy-- either taking things apart or putting them together.  We have found that he likes cars and trucks with a special love for construction vehicles which bring together the best of the  break/build/moving trifecta.

His smile lights up the room, his beginning words more frequent and his adventures dunking in the toilet less frequent.**  All in all, he is becoming one heck of a little boy.

Love this kid.

Simon's Birthday Video

*If that's not enough. . . we now have four kids in diapers. Granted James is only in night times. . and Daisy is ready but we haven't set the time aside to formally make the leap. . . but still-- we are currently buying diapers for four children.  

**Despite having giardia for almost two years of his life-- he has an odd magnetic relationship with standing water.  ie.  drinking out of a puddle on the deck etc.   Matt has contemplated calling him Darwin because of his combined sense for adventure and lack of self-preservation.

Last week I found him on a ladder eight feet up in the air.  AWESOME.  It's amazing what an industrious two year old can do with thirty seconds of unsupervised play.  Lesson learned, Mama.

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