Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We are celebrating at the Fitz household-- one year ago a small boy joined our family.  Happy Gotcha day to Simon Tirfe.  

It's been an amazing year for him and even more amazing for us.  A year ago, he was a baby and now he is a running, busy toddler.  He is perhaps the most curious little boy I have met-- constantly moving, exploring, thinking, touching.  It's a bit of a handful as a two year old-- but I bet he is someone who will scale Everest- just because he wants to see what is on top.  He has so much to do in this world . . .

We are so grateful to have Simon in our life-- it's been a tremendous honor to be part of his journey. 

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  1. I came across your blog while looking up cloth pads. Weird, innit? Well, the blog was Slowmama & she had a piece about your family and I read up on it because it's late & this is my "me" time. So then I came here & saw that y'all just posted today! Simon is handsome, I'm glad it's going well for him in this transition.