Saturday, July 5, 2014

Forty Plus One

Well, my due date has come and gone and Matt is starting his third (and final) week of paternity leave.  No baby.    I wrote here before that this pregnancy has been very different than my other two-- I've had significant contractions for several weeks and yet this is my longest pregnancy.

All is probably working out the way that it was intended and I have been lucky in that I have felt very good at the end of this pregnancy.  It wasn't until last week or so that I finally started to feel the underlying exhaustion that claims many women's entire third trimester.    In other news on the "things working out" front, we ended up moving this week.  We found a house that was a much better long term option for us.   Although we thought we would have a baby before we moved, we instead moved the day before my due date.  Great timing, I know.

If this were Sesame Street, I would say that the word of the day was friendship.  We've been blessed with some truly amazing people here in Ketchikan who in essence saved our butt to help us get from one place to another despite the fact that day by day we didn't know if we would even be able to participate in our own move.  Although it was a messy day- we are almost entirely settled in our new space.  And let the angels sing. . . .it's not month to month.

One other blessing was getting to take part in the Ketchikan 4th of July festivities.  It's a big deal here-- tons of booths, a parade, great food and barbecues.   I feel like we were really part of the community today and I am so glad that we didn't miss it due to that pesky baby.  ;)

We've been talking lately about how our other two births have been very indicative of the child's personalities.  James was induced. . . .which is so very James-- thinking long and hard before commitment.  Daisy sprang into this world on her own schedule- six hours after the joy of my water breaking at Pizza Luce- determined, plucky and headstrong.  This baby faked me out for several weeks, a couple nights in Labor and Delivery only to wait to come after a big transition.  If historical patterns hold, this kid is either a joker or entirely considerate.

So that's all for the baby posts. . . . one day past due and still waiting.  We did talk to our OB about how this works from here-- how long we go before inducing, how to stay* in labor if more contractions start etc.   I feel like we have half a game plan so that helps.

We've all lost the pool for when baby will arrive- but revised bets are forming. Baby watch marches on.

*Starting labor hasn't been the issue-- I've had many nights with contractions 2-3 minutes apart only to have them magically clear up at 7:00am.  The trick is making the labor stick the landing. 

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