Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hello internets!

I am having a tough time coming up with stuff to talk about lately because my mind has been a little consumed with baby thoughts.

It's been an interesting time over here-- it turns out BH contractions should really be called BS contractions.  Because it's true

Twice I have gone into Labor and Delivery because my BS contractions were regular (5 minutes apart and 3 minutes apart respectively) and the dial-a-nurse triage line told me to go in.   Going forward I will keep in mind that when pregnant, most nurse lines are going to follow protocol and tell you to go in. . . . something about a high-risk population blah blah.

Last weekend was a little extra adventurous as Matt was in Florida when I started having contractions-- they went on for about 8 hours and I seriously panicked that I was going to be having the baby without him.  I took a nap. .  and said contractions disappeared-- poof!   I made Matt freak out for nothing and here we are a week later still rocking the bump.

Other than the BS contractions, I am thinking a lot about baby because it was this day in my pregnancy that Daisy was born.   And I like to plan things, so in my head. . . it's any day now despite the fact that I am actually only 38 weeks.

Hear that baby?  I like to plan.  chop chop.

Bump Rocking.  Round is the new Black.
In other non-baby news, I missed thanking Matt for all he does.  Father's day came and went and with him traveling and me trying to not to have a child fall out, it unfairly became a blip.

Matt is a phenomenal father and I would be deeply remiss to not acknowledge his incredible spirit, love and humor he brings to the father role.

I recently wrapped a work project, so I am taking the weekend off to play-- I went to a very cool clothing exchange last night, am going to a farmers market and an auction today and a baby shower tomorrow.   It's also summer solstice- which is a pretty big deal here-- sun is only fully down for a couple hours a day.*

So, I am staying busy with ulterior motives.. . . following Murphy, then baby might fall out just to stomp on my alternative plans.  OK by me kid.**

Much love to you all.
* It's been an interesting time to be pregnant as I often get up in the middle of the night and find that the sun is up at 3:30.  Pretty cool.
**Chop chop.

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