Monday, June 16, 2014

Each Deserving of It's Own

There is a lot going on in our little world and although each of these things deserves it's own post-- lack of time means they are getting smushed together. *

Matt's grandfather "pop" passed away this weekend in Florida.  Matt was able to "pop" down to see him for one last time this weekend and spend some time with family-- which was pretty great.  He was a vibrant, funny man who touched many in his 100 short years on earth.   Although it's hard to lose someone that lively and generous, he lived a great life and I suspect is toasting us all from above with a Manhattan.**  

Many of you who were at our wedding will remember Pop- he was quite the character.  He'll be missed by many, many people.

Also on the topic of life, I am nearing the end of my pregnancy.  I have been reflective much of the last few weeks on the beauty and honor of pregnancy.  I'll be honest, this pregnancy was less comfortable than my other two and I spent a good portion of the time wishing it away.  Now with only a few days/weeks left I am feeling a sentimentality that I didn't expect.  Pregnancy is a tremendous gift and I am finding new appreciation each day.  Things like touching the baby's footprint on my stomach or the jolt of a knee against my ribs seem sacred and beautiful.

I am not sure if I will have the honor of carrying a child like this again-- which make me feel like I am grasping onto a fleeting memory-- something that will slip away before it's time is up.  For as excited as I am to meet the little one,  I am also wishing that I could hold on to these sensations so that I could visit them later in life.***

It really is the most amazing experience and it's a shame they can't bottle it and sell it at Target.  

Both these items come down to a celebration of life.  Life is funny that way.

*I have no idea how to spell smushed.  Smooooshed?
**or two.
***When I re-visit, I may editorialize a bit and skip the acid reflux and back pain.

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  1. What sweet thoughts to share. I remember celebrating and grieving a lot of the "lasts" with my last child too!