Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hello internets!

I am having a tough time coming up with stuff to talk about lately because my mind has been a little consumed with baby thoughts.

It's been an interesting time over here-- it turns out BH contractions should really be called BS contractions.  Because it's true

Twice I have gone into Labor and Delivery because my BS contractions were regular (5 minutes apart and 3 minutes apart respectively) and the dial-a-nurse triage line told me to go in.   Going forward I will keep in mind that when pregnant, most nurse lines are going to follow protocol and tell you to go in. . . . something about a high-risk population blah blah.

Last weekend was a little extra adventurous as Matt was in Florida when I started having contractions-- they went on for about 8 hours and I seriously panicked that I was going to be having the baby without him.  I took a nap. .  and said contractions disappeared-- poof!   I made Matt freak out for nothing and here we are a week later still rocking the bump.

Other than the BS contractions, I am thinking a lot about baby because it was this day in my pregnancy that Daisy was born.   And I like to plan things, so in my head. . . it's any day now despite the fact that I am actually only 38 weeks.

Hear that baby?  I like to plan.  chop chop.

Bump Rocking.  Round is the new Black.
In other non-baby news, I missed thanking Matt for all he does.  Father's day came and went and with him traveling and me trying to not to have a child fall out, it unfairly became a blip.

Matt is a phenomenal father and I would be deeply remiss to not acknowledge his incredible spirit, love and humor he brings to the father role.

I recently wrapped a work project, so I am taking the weekend off to play-- I went to a very cool clothing exchange last night, am going to a farmers market and an auction today and a baby shower tomorrow.   It's also summer solstice- which is a pretty big deal here-- sun is only fully down for a couple hours a day.*

So, I am staying busy with ulterior motives.. . . following Murphy, then baby might fall out just to stomp on my alternative plans.  OK by me kid.**

Much love to you all.
* It's been an interesting time to be pregnant as I often get up in the middle of the night and find that the sun is up at 3:30.  Pretty cool.
**Chop chop.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Each Deserving of It's Own

There is a lot going on in our little world and although each of these things deserves it's own post-- lack of time means they are getting smushed together. *

Matt's grandfather "pop" passed away this weekend in Florida.  Matt was able to "pop" down to see him for one last time this weekend and spend some time with family-- which was pretty great.  He was a vibrant, funny man who touched many in his 100 short years on earth.   Although it's hard to lose someone that lively and generous, he lived a great life and I suspect is toasting us all from above with a Manhattan.**  

Many of you who were at our wedding will remember Pop- he was quite the character.  He'll be missed by many, many people.

Also on the topic of life, I am nearing the end of my pregnancy.  I have been reflective much of the last few weeks on the beauty and honor of pregnancy.  I'll be honest, this pregnancy was less comfortable than my other two and I spent a good portion of the time wishing it away.  Now with only a few days/weeks left I am feeling a sentimentality that I didn't expect.  Pregnancy is a tremendous gift and I am finding new appreciation each day.  Things like touching the baby's footprint on my stomach or the jolt of a knee against my ribs seem sacred and beautiful.

I am not sure if I will have the honor of carrying a child like this again-- which make me feel like I am grasping onto a fleeting memory-- something that will slip away before it's time is up.  For as excited as I am to meet the little one,  I am also wishing that I could hold on to these sensations so that I could visit them later in life.***

It really is the most amazing experience and it's a shame they can't bottle it and sell it at Target.  

Both these items come down to a celebration of life.  Life is funny that way.

*I have no idea how to spell smushed.  Smooooshed?
**or two.
***When I re-visit, I may editorialize a bit and skip the acid reflux and back pain.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

We are settled back in after Nana and Pop Pop's trip. We had a great time visiting with them and are now back into the routine-- the final week of school in fact.

Here are some highlights from our time with them.  (Unfortunately blogger has been a little finicky lately which is why pictures will be limited and posting in general has been light.)

Fishing:  Matt and his dad clocked many hours on the new boat. They caught a cod and a sea cucumber but otherwise struck out on the fishing front.   However, we hit the jackpot when it came to crab!  We laid five traps and ended up catching around 20 crab--of which we kept 8, ate 3 and froze 5.  We're having fun creating new crab recipes-- turns out I make a kick ass crab cake. Matt ranked me number 2 all time behind Salut in Minneapolis.  Either way, I* thank him.  He's a tough critic!

James had the unfortunate incident of dropping his pole into the water- which prompted a very sad day in a little boy's life.   We have been practicing the phrase "sometimes things happen" a lot right now but it would appear this phrase only works when you actually don't care about the thing that happened-- like spilling a little on the floor etc.  When you slip and get dunked in the ocean with your clothes on this phrase is wholly ineffective.** 
This is what was left AFTER everyone ate.

Hiking:  We went out and did a loop near some waterfalls and it was beautiful.  It was the same walk that Matt and I did when we were thinking about Ketchikan as a future home-- it's green and rainforesty and everything I like about Ketchikan.   We then looked for starfish and did our best to re-populate the ocean with rocks. ***

Hiking is code for nap time in some circles.
Lumberjack Show:  One of the more advertised tourist spots is a lumberjack show-- we went because we thought the kids would like it and since Matt's dad works in a lumber related field, we thought it would be interesting. *** We all loved it-- James especially.****  It got a little loud at parts but James did well and managed it. It was actually really fun and hokey.  It seemed like the guys were having a blast out there and I only worried about the safety of their appendages about 14 times.  

General Merriment:  We had some great meals, great conversation and lots of Nana lap time.  Well, not me.  I weigh twice as much as her right now. . . but the rest of us did.

Simon and his Girlfriend
Now we are back to our little life-- except our little life is a little busy right now.  Matt and I are both working quite a bit this week and James had his last day of school yesterday. It's been beautiful, so we have been trying to get the kids outside and enjoy all that Ketchikan has to offer!

*And the bastardized version of the Paula Deen recipe I used.

**As learned last night during a rapid wrap-up to an otherwise very fun beach bbq. 
***It made a difference to that one.  Wait. 

****And it's super affordable for locals.
*****James is now a lumberjack/ninja/karate guy football player.