Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Three Chins of Orient Are

Pregnancy is going well,  I shared with everyone my fear of contracting* a virus during pregnancy and I am glad to say that my third screen was all clear.  I am free of Fifths!  Thank you for all the prayers and reassurance.  I really appreciate it.

Other than that, things are looking good for the 31st week of pregnancy-- still exercising a bit, still chasing monkeys, and working on my third chin. ** ***

**I gained six pounds in two weeks.  OOPS.  That said, I have been drinking a LOT of water, so I have to think some of it is water weight-- either way, I am feeling a little plump.
***Funny enough, once I got the all clear on the parvo screen, Matt got some bizarre news- he is showing positive blood work for TB.  He get's tested annually for work and for the first time he is showing it.  It's not active and isn't a risk to me or the kids. . .  but he will be going on 9 months of medication to make sure it remains dormant.  The BEST part?  (if you ask me)  He won't be able to drink during the next nine months.  Sweet irony.

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