Sunday, May 18, 2014

General Updates-- The Fitz Life and Times

I am well overdue for an update but we have been busy busy over here.

I will start by saying that I feel like we have really started to hit our stride here in Ketchikan.  So in general, these are good updates the lack of posting is indicative of us being out and about.

We are feeling much more at home in Ketchikan.  I would say that the big factors for me personally are two fold-- I am finding my social life really satisfying and my professional life is vibrant and interesting.*

The organizational stresses of initially moving here and coordinating IEP's, utilities, day care schedules, moving, rentals etc etc have started to fade and we are now busy in an entirely new way-- the normal way.   (for us)

I have made many new friends that remind me a lot of my friends from home-- they are lovely, supportive of each other and graceful-- although it makes me miss my 'girls',  I am very thankful for how welcoming my new friends have been.  It's been a real source of joy for me lately.

Work wise, I am at 'capacity'** with some interesting projects.  It's been a remote relationship, but thanks to my previous work history-- the remote gig is something I am very comfortable with.  Matt has been really helpful in picking up some of the family slack so that I can work, so props to him there.  It's also been fun to engage with some old colleagues in their new ventures.  I am going to hold on taking new work for the next couple months but hopefully will be able to expand my consulting in the fall time frame.

In other news, we have a new addition to the family---  we bought a boat!  It's pretty old but it's got a great cabin underneath with a bathroom, table and a bed so we can take it out for some longer fishing trips.  We didn't want to spend a ton of money on this but boats don't depreciate much year over year-- so the plan is for us to recoup some of the expense when we are ready to sell it.  I have never gone fishing so this will be a new experience for me. . . . my former life is seemingly further and further away.  I haven't worn a pair of heels in 3 months, my suits are gathering dust and I now own a boat.  Crazy this life.

Captain, Skipper, First Mate

I do feel really optimistic about how life is going-- I am loving this time with our family and am glad that we made the decision to jump into a new life despite the risks.***

*I could also probably just say that I my professional life is "present and accounted for" which is probably enough.  I missed working y'all-- never thought I would say that but it's surprisingly an important factor for me and I am happy to be engaging in some cool projects.

**Capacity for me is not full time-- but I have a couple great consulting gigs that fill about 20 hrs a week-- which is about perfect for right now.

***We only have 4 months left on our lease in the more stable, long term lease (sarcasm)- so my risk aversion and general attitude may swing  dramatically once we have four (4!!!) babies and are moving for the fourth (4!!!) time in one year.  I do know this is ridiculous so no need for a reminder.


  1. So glad you guys bought a boat--it's a "must" for Alaskan living!

  2. Thanks Jessica! We had heard the same thing-- It's usually the second question that people ask when you live here: how long have you been here? did you buy a boat yet? Matt is super excited about it too-- renting a boat was really expensive so this is a great opportunity to get out there more. Now we are thinking about craigslisting a freezer so that we can keep the fish that we catch (but can't eat right away).

  3. So glad to hear things are going well!