Thursday, May 29, 2014

Family Near and Far

John and Joan are visiting this week and we are all over the moon.  It's been great to show them a little bit of our life here and to spend some time with them.

We have had fun doing some "tourist" stuff and Matt, John and James  are waking at the crack of dawn to chase salmon.   They haven't been successful yet but I am sure today is the day( ! ) A friend lent us some crab traps and we put those out this morning and are hoping for some fun surprises later this afternoon.  Fingers crossed.*

Our favorite activities have been fishing, boating, a picnic at Ward Lake and a visit to the Discovery Center.  Well, that and the general loving up of Nana and Pop Pop.

Yesterday some wonderful friends here in Ketchikan hosted a diaper shower for me**.   As this is my fourth baby and being new to Ketchikan, this was beyond expected!  They even planned the luncheon so that Joan could attend while she was visiting-- so incredibly thoughtful and kind. 

These are an amazing group of women-- supportive and celebratory of each other.  They call themselves the 'coffee girls' because they meet for coffee once a week to catch up.

I remember being in their coffee shop one morning in February when they were gathering.  At the time, I had no idea they would become my friends but I remember remarking to myself at what a beautiful group of friendships they appeared to have.  It's rare to find a group of gals so accepting and warm.   Now, I am so glad to have them in my life and am hopeful that I can be as supportive of them as they have been of me during this big transition.  They are pretty stellar.

I have been reflecting a lot on family lately-- we are making a big step this summer as family as we grow from five to six and being far from the support of my friends and family is hard in some ways.  Finding such incredible people here in Ketchikan has been a unexpected blessing but one that makes me realize that family can come in many forms and this girl is very thankful for the Ketchikan family.

*But lasagne as a back up for dinner.
**I haven't been to a diaper shower before, but what a great idea for a mom with 3 kids in diapers!  So grateful to be stocked up before the babe arrives!

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