Thursday, April 3, 2014


Things are marching along (surprisingly) happily on our end.  After my near jump off a cliff moment,  we have seen some steady improvements in the murphy's law department.  We closed on our condo (only a tiny amount of paperwork remaining), I started doing a little consulting work (happy distractions) and we are on a much needed vacation!

Matt's grandfather turned 100 and all his family came to Florida to celebrate.  It was a fantastic celebration for everyone and it was great seeing our family.     Happy Birthday Pop!  The flight was pretty long* so we decided to extend our trip to include a few family days. 

More than anything,  it's been nice to take a break from the paperwork and logistics that have governed the last few months so that we can focus in on the family.  In an odd way too, I feel better prepared to head back to Ketchikan- especially since the to-do list isn't nearly as daunting as it has been over the last couple months.  In the meantime,  we are going to soak up some sun, enjoy the pool (especially Simon our little water-frog) and have some fun!  

I thought you might enjoy some quotes from our little family this trip--- we are finding our family life quite the comedy hour.

Cautious James on our possibilities for evening entertainment:  "I would like to eat pizza but I will say 'no thank you to the Ninja Turtles. ' You know, actually I would like pizza without the Ninja Turtles.  (pause)  That means No."

James in the bathroom with me**:  "Mom, I think your underwear is too small.  Looks like you are growing up!"

Deirdre in response to the question 'What was that?': "I tooted.  Like Daddy. "

*Like travel to Europe long. But no beignets. 

**God knows there is no sacred space.

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