Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Pin" Away

James came home from school with a "surprise" for me.  He burst in the door and threw down his backpack to dig out what was the  best. surprise. ever.

I thought maybe it was an advanced Mother's day present but no. . . . it was another of his extreme crafting projects.

You Pinterest users might want to take note. 

It's a Y.   

Let me tell you the directions as best I understand them:

1. Cut a line halfway down a strip of paper

2. Pull it apart.

Feel free to email if you need further clarification and I'll get you in touch with the artist in residence. 

God, I love this kid*

*When I picked James up yesterday, his teacher also commented on his craft-- and confirmed that indeed, this was an original creation and not a class project.   Pretty neat. 


  1. Best. Craft. Ever. Awesome! Love this:)

  2. He brings home a lot of crafts from school but apparently the ones that the biggest creations in his life are the ones he also designs :)

  3. Gotta love a designer! Just don;t let it become a profession. Love James and all the Fitz's

  4. Thanks Dan. I would probably classify his design aesthetic as minimalist. . . or maybe abstract. Not a bad profession-- we know some pretty awesome designers. . . :)