Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nate Berkus, Watch Out!

We have a new visitor planning a trip to our house-- the Easter Bunny!  It's good to turn our attention a bit as we are still  obsessed fixated thoughtful about the Leprechaun-- or as I like to think of him, the one that got away.

Last week, James came home from school fired up to tell me about a craft he made.  Now--one thing you need to know about James, he rarely gets excited about craft time and often boycotts holding a marker or pen.   Most kids his age are working on writing,  we are hoping that the tech revolution continues so that we can enroll him in typing lessons-- because this kid wants no part of a crayon.

If James is excited about a project, I get a little fluttery to see what my sweet Picasso has created. Expectations aren't super high as I didn't birth the next generation design star but I am encouraged nonetheless.

So when James took out his backpack and carefully handed me a piece of green computer paper that he had torn in half, I was a little confused.  I turned it over looking for the "creation."  But nope, just a blank piece of torn paper.

James:  "Do you love it?"
Me: "Yeaaaaah."
James: "I made it."
Me:  "I seeeeeeee. . . What is it?"
James:  "It's a leprechaun blanket.  You know in case, he gets cold when he visits us." 

Naturally, the little guy might want to be tucked in.  Everybody loves a blankie.

We are turning our attention now-- in fact, Easter Bunny has a pink egg waiting for him.  (You know, in case he gets hungry.)  The mythical creatures in this house will get nothing but five-star hospitality.

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