Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Want to Live in a HoTowel

We are back!

Deirdre's thoughts on security lines.  No TSA Fastpass for her.
We had a wonderful time catching up with family and investing in our little family.  We spent the last half of our trip in Orlando-- mostly because of it's abundance of zero depth pools.   We did do a couple disney-esque type things--we rode the monorail and went to Downtown Disney but mostly we hung by the pool and played with a bucket.   Sexy life I lead.

We stayed at two hotels-- the Nickelodeon Suites and Disney's Caribbean Beach Hotel.

Sibling Love Fest
We liked both places but found that the Caribbean Beach hotel was more our speed and had incredible customer service to boot.   Nickelodeon did have a kitchenette which allowed us to make a lot of our own snacks and meals which was awesome from an expense perspective as well as the craziness of eating out with three kids. Thumbs up there---  However, it was a little chaotic and geared toward older kids.  My littles were afraid of the characters so they didn't enjoy that aspect as much and James has a new fear of slime.  Slime is a big deal at Nickelodeon. 

The N/A beverages came with worms!  Cheers.
We have stayed at the Caribbean Beach Hotel before and I have to say that it's got everything we need: small water slides for the kids, playgrounds, hammocks and a kids movie shown poolside every evening.

The rooms at either hotel are pretty average as they are both classified as value hotels-- however, once you toss some wet swimsuits on the floor and smash a few crackers in the bed-- everything is kind of "value" isn't it? (The overall ambiance of the Disney grounds is a sizeable step up from the Nick hotel)

As a follow up to my last post, I would like the my handful of readers to know that I made several Target trips in our time 'down south'-- one of those for new underwear-thank you James.    James was so excited about helping me move up a size that I am now the proud owner of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle boy shorts in a size that is appropriate for my current body but I won't print here.   Oh, sad.  Maybe I'll go have some celery.**
Bowling-- one of our kids fave activities.
We are now back into the routine and I am exploring Ketchikan 2.0.  New eyes,  new energy and new routines.  James started swim lessons and was the only kid to come out of the pool with a dry head.   However, he did show me all the beautiful rings that he picked up with his foot.   Daisy and Simon are loving their new day care schedule and I am slaying paperwork, taxes and an IEP update like a beast. *** 

I have started working out again and although I am not sure if I have the bladder control to go for a jog, I  did find my endorphins were in a happy place after twenty minutes on an eliptical-- and my toe which doesn't  look quite right is for the most part functional.**** I found a body pump class that I am going to go to tomorrow night.  Moons are aligning y'all.

*On our final flight back, James commented that he wasn't so sure about coming back to the cabin when we could live in a HoTowel.
** Code word: ice-cream
***More to come on my beastdom in my next post.
****I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seat for my dramatic toe updates-- so this will be the last.  I will be opting out of any sort of "this little piggy" activity for the next six months.-- with the exception of an almost nightly foot rub by my sweet husband who is expressing pregnancy empathy by rubbing my feet and nine toes.  Funny side story-- the other day James asked Matt to rub his feet.  No idea where that came from. 

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