Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Life as a Nasty Episode of Orange is the New Black

We need to talk about Deirdre. 
Something missing?


Girl has a problem-- she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore and is doing her best to protest all things wet.  This independent girl is perfectly happy to change her own diaper, thank you very much.

We have tried and tried different options-- she wears her jammies backwards at night but despite this has taken them off and schmeared poop on walls, her bedding etc.  Is this a prison riot?  You only need to have a toddler come at you with a handful of poop once to be seriously turned off to this raising children thing.  Pun intended:  we need to cut this shit out.

I know it doesn't sound like a big problem-- but it is.  Sweet girl takes off the diaper several times a day-- that's about every 15 minutes if you need a frame of reference.   We are trying to potty train-- but she hasn't made the all important connection between the awesome Sesame Street toilet seat and the business that needs to happen there.  We read books, set timers, give rewards, but nothing has clicked yet.

Yesterday, I hit a new low-- she came at me with an empty  (but wet)  diaper and said "I poopy."  the diaper indicated that she was not "poopy"-- however she continued to insist.  I went down to the playroom and there was something foul going on-- but it remained a mystery.  I walked around the room for a few minutes playing sensory hot and cold and finally isolated it to one corner.  . but still no culprit.

Until Daisy crawled into our play tent to show me.  People, she took off her diaper then squatted to poop in a tent.  Playing hide and go seek with a mound of poo is not on my bucket list.

The good news- she is now the proud owner of some awesome undies* so hopefully in the near future our diaper bill will go down.

*She likes to wear six pair at a time so the laundry will go up considerably.


  1. Totally recommend the book "Oh Crap. Potty Training" - it's only available in PDF, but it was awesome for potty training Ellie, and it sounds like Daisy is totally ready for it. It also has some great behavior-related advice when it comes to pee and poo :) Good luck!

  2. Jen- thanks so much for the advice-- Sara recommended this pdf too. It's a little funny but a little annoying. . .like many things in parenting I guess:) Matt is off next week so we are going to give it another try!