Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hunting Season Opener

We aren't big hunters* with the exception of one season-- Leprechaun hunting!   We have spent the last couple days celebrating the Kelly/Fitzpatrick heritage by making leprechaun treats,  setting traps and waiting to see if we caught a new pet!**

We haven't been successful yet, but maybe next year. . . .

Happy hunting everyone-- may you enjoy your green pancakes as much as we did!  

*We may have let our NRA membership lapse.
**We built this up a little high this year-- or maybe that it's that we have a four year old this year and there aren't any topics that aren't fully exhausted at completion.  For everyone's information WHEN we catch said Leprechaun we will name him Kevin, he will be a nice guy, we will not eat him and he will need a little chair for breakfast.   Expectations might be a little high. 

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