Sunday, March 2, 2014


We had a rather nice little weekend on this front.  I went to the dock and bought a tanner crab which later lived on our deck while the kids oggled.  James, our cautious four year old, kept guard to make sure the babies didn't get too close.  He frequently yelled at them to be careful.  "He's VERY real guys."

Boat to Table
The crab was great and was quite the experience prepping for these mid-westerners.  This probably won't be the last time I nominate Matt to execute an animal for the sake of our dining.  Matt did an awesome job with the dirty week and I did an awesome job giggling about our progress and quickly googling to see what was going wrong. . . .

Good times abound and I am once again reassured in my choice in marrying the right man.

We had a social event on Saturday which was awesome-- it was the first time that we all went out!  We had some new friends invite us over for dinner and it was great! They are very interesting people and we are thankful for their new friendships.  The bummer of the night-- I slipped down their stairs and broke my toe.  I have broken several toes in the past and there is something unmistakable about the throb of a crooked toe.   Mother Fucker. However,  I didn't want the evening to end early so I tried to use my water glass to ice my foot subtly under the table while hoping no one noticed.   Keep it classy, Kelly.

Today, I can't put any weight on my foot so I am hanging out in bed with the bad toe elevated hoping that RICE pulls a miracle by tomorrow so that I can parent when Matt goes back to work.   Matt keeps pretending that this is a life-threatening injury for my benefit-- which I appreciate since this thing hurts like a beast.  Dr. Fitzpatrick is scoring mega-points for his bedside manner. *

Tonight is my Oscar party-- it's just Matt and I. . . one of which will be captivated by fashion and the faux-drama of awards season while wearing all the jewelry I own at once. . . one of us will be secretly reading about Notre Dame football on his iPhone.  Fuck it, I don't care though. . . I'm making artichoke dip even if it's just me.  Pregnancy has its perks and I don't know where my scale is. 

*Which includes cookie delivery, water fetching and antacid retrieval.  Hell of a hubby.  

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  1. This made me miss you terribly, and laugh out loud and work and snort a little.