Thursday, March 6, 2014

And You Can Tell Everybody, This is Your Song

While driving yesterday, we heard one of James' songs come on the radio. *  James claims all the songs in his birthday videos. Such as these:  1, 2, 3, 4.   Over the years, James has become more involved in his music selection and now recently he has started making requests for future birthday videos.  

"Is this song James is happy because he's four and a half?"
  Dynamite Taio Cruz

"Is this song James is happy because he's five?"
Feel This Moment Pit Bull, Christina

Often I don't refute these claims of ownership because it's just not worth it.  These are complex thoughts for a four year old and you can end up in a vortex of confusion and repetition if you ever try to create clarity. 

Yesterday while driving James claimed the first few songs that came on-- songs that were upbeat, dancy and joyful. Sure.

When Taylor Swift's song I Knew You Were Trouble came on the radio-- we listened to the first verse with rare cessation of car banter before the lyrics Trouble Trouble Trouble came on. 

To which James exclaimed-

"I think this is Deirdre's song."

Deirdre agreed and spent the next ten minutes in the car singing along.**

Twouble Twouble  Twouble 

Twouble Twouble  Twouble

Twouble Twouble  Twouble 

"Daisy is this your song?"

"Yep!  Twouble Twouble Twouble"

*We only reliably get public radio (across five frequencies) so this is pandora we are speaking about here.
**This later turned into the evening activity as she continued to request her song. . .  which I didn't own-- but do now.

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