Monday, February 17, 2014

The New Routine

We are settling in.  Matt started work today and in some regards will have more responsibility during his shifts.  His shifts are 12 hour blocks for 7 days.  It's going to be great for him but it means that he will miss the waking hours of our kiddos for 50% of the time. . . . Which also means 7 straight days of parenting for me.   It's going to be all mom, all the time.  I am not sure if anyone thinks that's a good idea.

We have talked a bit around these parts on how to make this work for everyone. . . aka. how do I keep from going batshit crazy with 3 (and 1/2) little people in my custody without a break during during the week-- especially living as remotely as we do.   Matt is probably more concerned about this than I am. . .
Sing along.  Cute. . . but you can see everyone could use a little stimulation. .  .
Most of the time my kids are great- but it can be exhausting to be "on" with them for that many days in a row.  I am still relatively new to the stay at home game and so far my biggest challenge has been the endurance needed to get through the whole day with patience and humor.   I am usually a great mom* until about 4:00 but then the witching hour starts, blood sugar drops and my F-bomb usage skyrockets.  I'm human-- and thankfully the kids don't seem to notice my mutterances.

We have made some great strides in getting a game plan underway to add some structure during these weeks of solo parenting and I feel really good about it.  Really good in fact.

For starters-- we are putting James into a pre-school.  His IEP transferred up here without issues and he has been accepted into a public school as an early admission (he is slightly young for the program) but since he has a known disability they allow him to start early so that he gets the support he needs.  The new school schedule is pretty busy-- 4 hours every day.   It feels like a big step up from the three days week he did before but I think he's excited about it.**  I do think James needs the structure of school and although I may have opted for a 3x a week program-- I am willing to give it a go and see how it benefits him.

A few days a week we are also going to put the other two into a structured day care during the same hours James is at school.  I think this is going to be great for everyone as well. I think day care can bring some needed socialization for kids and really help their development.  Daisy is excited about her "school" and our little extrovert has been talking about going.  We really wanted our kids to bond while we are here but I don't want that to come at odds of their social life, health and development.

I am going to pick up a few hours of work during the time when the kids are in "school."   I will probably go into this at greater detail down the road but I am excited.  I am also thankful for some time to work out, meet people and do those crazy things that people without kids do.  . . you know, like have a conversation or pee with the door closed.   It's a bit of a luxury to have the little ones in school a few hours a week but I think it will make this whole experience much more gratifying for me and better for our overall family dynamic.  Happy wife, happy life.  Happy Mom. . . I don't know how to finish that.  But it's good, right?

We have made some great strides in the past couple days in terms of making a life for ourselves here. It feels like we are moving from a perspective of vacation to a permanent life here.

*James once said I was the best nanny.  A good catalyst for making a change. . . no?
**The school has a football field and a baseball diamond and my sports enthusiast is fired up.


  1. You go girl. I think it's a great choice to get those littles in school a few times a week. I'm sure it will help the happiness level for all involved! And dude, you're having a BABY too, so that will give you some time to bond with the new one when he or she arrives, too!

  2. Thanks! I think it will be good for me too-- We will still keep them home during the weeks that Matt is off to maximize family time but some routine will really help break up the 7-day stretch! The baby. . . .oh yes. . . . that too! :)