Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Journey

Matt already wrote a bit about our journey to Ketchikan but I thought I would take some time on this lazy Sunday morning to show some pictures of our trip and arrival at our new home.  We are getting close to settled and once we do I will post a little more about what life is like out in the sticks.  (We are less than two miles from the end of the road.)  It's almost funny because we are at the end of the road but really hoping that it is just the start of an incredible family journey. 

The kids are doing okay-ish.  We are seeing some incredible moments between the three of them-- Simon is shining in a way that we haven't seen yet, James is really growing into his big brother role and Daisy is doing her best to show how much of a big girl she is.   We have seen some really beautiful interactions between the three that at least for me make me think this journey was already worthwhile.    However, it isn't without struggles- the kids at times seem a little unsure and we are having more breakdowns than usual as they learn to navigate each other and having us around all the time. 

The Journey from Mid to West:
F in the hill. . . . God says yes?

Time to get out of the car
I agree

Me three

Life on the Ferry: Alaska Marine Highway
Happy Hubby
Happy Kids
Happy Kids (2)

Happy Neighbors

Home Again.  The kids on the beach.

All in all, we are doing really well.  I am much more relaxed than I was on the trip-- it's nice to once again have my bed back and to return to the mundane joys of everyday living without the stress of being in deep transition.  We are loving looking out the windows and have seen sea lions and seals already-- we are also enjoying the weather-- it's still chilly  (in the low 30's) but it feels like a heat wave coming from MN.  It is supposed to be very snowy starting tomorrow so we are planning to hunker down and watch more Olympics since we aren't entirely sure we can get up the driveway even in an AWD vehicle.  We are going to get out and do a family hike shortly and enjoy one last day of sunshine before the weather is supposed to turn.  

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