Monday, February 10, 2014

Have you Ever Seen a Daisy Acting so Crazy?*

It's hard to believe another of our little ones is making that march from babyhood to childhood.

Daisy has been a little under-represented on this blog and that fact doesn't reflect our daily life in the least.   Daisy is our captain, our instigator, our clown, our fashionista and perhaps the most independent two year old I have met. Just ask her, she will tell you all about it.

Daisy has had an unbelievable year-- she started very much a baby finding her way.  She was a very quiet baby by most standards-- agreeable but serious.  One day that all changed and I think Matt and I are still in awe of this funny character we now live with. 

Daisy is a bit like living with an adult that is under three feet tall (albeit a very determined, confident adult who sometimes misunderstands complex thoughts.)  Her vocabulary is in full sentences but the variety is often limited to her frequent requests for Down by the Bay, Pink, Dora and Elmo.  She is our clear extrovert of the bunch and on a recent trip to a pizza place in Bozeman stopped at each table on the way to the car to say "Hi,  I have to leave now. Bye," all complete with her best parade wave.

Most of the time she is a joy with frequent pleases, thank you's, funny faces and plucky marches.  However, at the expense of being negative about my child I would be remiss if I didn't also point out to this determination and confidence can also reflect itself in some volatility.  Right or wrong, never in doubt.** ***

The resemblance between her pictures and my pictures at the same age is uncanny.  Several people have commented on Matt's "mini-me" in James and my "mini-me" in Deirdre.   That said, my mini-me is like looking into my own eyes and seeing a better vision of myself.   She is the more joyful, self-assured, fun and pragmatic Dana 2.0.  She can light up a room and engages strangers like they are old friends.  She leans into conversations expecting wit and entertainment and somehow people sense that challenge and raise their game. She has an attitude of competence and enthusiasm that will git 'r dun. She embodies a true joie de vivre. ****  In addition to other things, Deirdre may just have been put on this earth to teach me how to be a better me.

We are celebrating her birthday as a smaller family unit today-- aka: we will watch her video all day as she narrates for us the events of her life. Pop Pop, Deirdre, Jame, Sime, Happy, Sad, Dad.  I funny mommy.  I am missing our extended friends and family on the first of our 'holidays' but we are are doing our best to fill the day with decorations, favorite foods, Raffi and merriment.

Happy birthday not-so-baby girl.  I can't wait to see what next year brings for you.
Daisy Year 2:

Daisy Year 1 Video

*Down by the Bay. . . 
**For example, I said TUTU. TUTU.  TUUUUUTUUUU!!
***She is a little loosey goosey on authority.  Often walking away when we put her in time out or call her out. Often she will stare, give a side-ways smile and then slowly march away from the issue she just created.  Matt calls the smile the "fuck you face."  I am secretly squirreling away money for our future legal fees for the inevitable brush with the law.
****I am also really looking forward to conversations with her as she gets older.She is clearly an older soul than I am. When is it appropriate to invite her to coffee for an informational interview and ask her mentoring advice on interpersonal issues and my career?  I'm thinking 4? 

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  1. I would say four would be about the right age. She sounds awesome. I would like to meet her some day. I think we would have fun!