Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 1

--Matt Here--

We arrived into port at Ketchikan at 7:30, raring to go.  After some breakfast (James had the waffle wrapped sausage – not surprisingly a hit as it lies somewhere between state fair cuisine and instant atherosclerosis) we picked up the keys and finally made it to “the cabin”.  The rest of today’s details are somewhat irrelevant.  Mostly picking up essentials at the store and unpacking what we had with us.  We also went to a local pizza parlor / gas station and caught the first half of the Super Bowl.  The pizza was much better than the game, but I will let you decide where the praise/blame lies on that one.  For what its worth, James and Daisy are now Seahawks fans, not that they had any idea who won. One thing that takes a little getting used to is the timing of things.   For instance, the game started at 2:30 Alaskan time.  Thus, we were home before 5pm and ready for bed by 6.  At least I should say we were ready for the kids to be in bed by then.  They had other thoughts at the time.

Along those lines, the kids remain a little discombobulated from the frequent changes and new locations.  Simon has probably handled it the best, and is as cute as ever. I cannot wait for some more bandwidth to enjoy him more.  James is probably the most emotional with it all, which is understandable, as he has really been looking forward to this.  He may also benefit from some good sleep and settling in some.  Daisy flat out stunk today.  The terrible twos have deserved their moniker.  When she is pleasant, she lights up the room with her radiant personality.  But she is more interested in pushing envelopes and buttons.  One can only hope that the magnitude of this phase (I would be surprised if she wasn’t always a little sassy) will recede soon.  Fortunately, we remain at least a little bit in charge and all are asleep now.

The house itself is pretty great.  It remains relatively empty apart from our madness, and retains that echo of a move.   The owners sold us a couple of beds, and so we are camping out tonight.  Kind of a fun memory now that the house is quiet once more.

For those who do not know, we lucked and found a beautiful place right on the water (it lies on a passage north of the town).  I can see just hanging out looking out the window, staring at the boats going by and waiting for wildlife to show up.  James and I went fishing for the first time, by which we took out his Fisher Price rod and walked to the water’s edge.  We didn’t have any luck with the fish (may try a hook or bait next time), but we did catch a glimpse of two sea lions about 50 yards off shore doing some angling of their own.  James may never remember the sight and they were too far for any worthwhile photo, but moments like those are an affirmation of why we undertook this insanity in the first place and a memory that I will cherish for a long time.

Tomorrow is another big day.  Dia del Stuff.  Our remaining possessions (at least those that made the cut) are currently packed in the shipping container at the top of the driveway.  The path from the road to the house is insanely steep and winding.  As such, we have enlisted the help of a moving service who knows the place to get our belongings down safely and into the house.  It will be curious to see what the place looks like with our furniture.  Oh the joys of moving

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