Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cabin Fever

Like many of the rest of our friends in Minnesota and out east, we are feeling the effects of cabin fever.  We are snowed in!

It's still pretty warm (high 20's) but the snow coupled with the location of our house has made it too challenging to leave with our littles.   It's all good though, we parked one car at the top of the driveway* ** so that Matt could get to work.  Today he took a sled so that he can pull down the dog food that he bought yesterday.

It's a very different lifestyle and the snow has quickened the way we adapt to this way of life.  For example, we don't drink the tap water because it's collected rainwater from the roof.***  So to prepare for the eight inches or so that we got, we needed to run to town quick to buy ten gallons or so of water to get us through until the melt. Once you start buying water you quickly realize just how much you drink.  (I drink almost a gallon a day by myself. )

It's about a twenty-five minute drive to town from the house which meant that we should probably also get milk and the rest of the groceries needed for the meal plan.  Our little trip to town lead to a multi-hour excursion with multiple stops at the grocery store and Walmart.  Prices are higher for all foods-- most of our groceries are almost a dollar more depending on the staple so it does make sense to make multiple stops in order to hit the sales.  It's going to take a little more planning and a great deal more foresight to not make our life full of trips to and from town.

I have always been jealous of those of you with meal plans so any tips or tricks you want to share are welcome since it's not super easy to just pop over to the store to pick up a forgotten ingredient.  There is a little convenience store about eight minutes away but the prices are prohibitively expensive. . . but they sell Pyramid beer. . . . so trade-offs.****

It's a cool little life we are living; simple and rustic.  But for all the differences in convenience, you can't beat the view.

View from the living room.

One the way down the driveway.  I love the tracks in the hill marking the path.

View of the house from the beach.
* Steep, steep hill.  About a five minute walk.
**This is my new work out.  Walking up and down the hill.
****Looking forward to July!


  1. Wow that is beautiful. You are definitely living the rustic life. It must be incredibly quiet and least outside. :) Tell Grizzly Adams...aka Matt to go easy on the bears. Stay safe. I think you are actually warmer where you are than here. They say we are to get out of our tundra next week. I hope. Tell James I can't wait to read his book one day on all his adventures. I am sure Daisy and Simon are having a blast as well. Enjoy. Can't wait to see more pics and hear more about your time. How is the hospital going for Matt. I am sure they are very lucky to have him there. Nothing has changed here except I bought a couple guitars for me to play with the kids and dance and sing along with. They are loving Brown eyed girl right now. Of course I fumble through. I'm no Van Morrison ya know. :) Say Hi to all for me. ~ Dave

  2. Dave- thanks for saying hi! We will certainly pass along your well wishes to the little people! I am sure they miss you!