Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flown the Nest

Although I am largely very excited about our family sabbatical, I was sad to leave our home.   We have put a lot of effort into making this house a home and learned many valuable lessons along the way.*

Our stuff is on it's merry journey out of the lower contingent and we are the "merry" guests at my in-laws.  It's important to say that my in-laws are great-- but I have a hard time believing that we are very accommodating house guests and think that we may out-stay our welcome sooner than later.**  However, the kids are having a blast spending time with their grandparents and we are enjoying the company.

Since it takes a few extra weeks for our stuff to transit, we said goodbye to our sweet little house early.

We bought our house when we were pregnant with James and had to shake out the couch cushions to gather enough money for our down payment!  There was something sweet, exciting and scrappy about working together to buy our first home and it's amazing to think four years later all the memories that have we created in that space.    I am a lover of homes and the symbolism of the home and I often find it hard to move on from a physical space when I have experienced great love there. Home is my place of rest, play, conversation and joy.  I have always loved my home-- but have loved this home-- the one that Matt and I created together--the best.

Call me sentimental but it was a lovely, lovely place for us and the keeper of the best years in my life. 

The house itself has had quite a progression as well since we moved in.  We bought the house on potential-- and have spent much of the last four years tackling a variety of projects to bring out the shine.   I love house projects and crafty stuff so this was definitely a fun undertaking for us! 

Here are some pictures of our house during the time we owned it!

Move In Day- Fall 2009. ***
Living Room Before
Kitchen Before
Family Room Before
Family Room Before
Basement Before
House Today
Entryway Today
Living Room Today
Basement Today
Basement Today
Family Room Today

Family Room Today

Kitchen Today
We are keeping our home as a rental and plan to return in August 2015.  I hope the renters loved it as much as we did! 

*We Fitzes aren't particularly handy.  If you were to tour our home you could point to anything sort of crooked and I would bet that it was a project where we decided to stretch the budget and do it ourselves.    Made with love-- not accuracy.   That said, we learned a lot and oddly did improve as we went along.

**At this moment, Daisy is screeching about putting on the Choo Choo show and Pop Pop would like to watch Football.  Oh the tension! 

***Yes, Moving again and pregnant again. We will not be repeating this coinciding events again. 

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