Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Feminine Mystique

Given the fact that my clothing palette extends boldly from black to white with numerous stops in grey-- I am not sure where my sweet girl got her feminine flair.   I have never known how to put a cute outfit together and yet my daughter proudly wears a tutu and matching shoes as if her sweet brothers were judging her runway strut. 

Part of my girly-girls' recent hobbies is watching me put on make up.  (chapstick). *

While at Target yesterday on a mommy-daughter date I shopped for golden grahams while she explored the various cards and trinkets in my purse from the comfort of the cart.    A woman walked by and gave me a quizzical/judgmental look-- Deirdre was oh so carefully puckering up and "applying" an OB tampon to her lips. 

I can see the confusion.

*Twice now she has come in to the room to have us admire her shiny face as she had applied half a tube of lip gloss to her entire face.  Pretty. 

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