Friday, December 6, 2013

I Still Got Him

Football dominates much or our household conversations.   Generally it's about the Irish but it could also be about the specific actions of building a block stadium and which 'guys' go where and why or how exactly one goes to Tokyo.*

James is well aware of the Bears/ Vikings duality here-- He sports both uniforms** and understand a few key players from each team.  Last week we watched the game on tv and I pretended to be interested while also multi-tasking. 

Asked James for the score from the other room and he responded "It's when one team gets the touchdown. That's the score mom."

I am slowly being outed by my kid on my failure to really learn the rules of football-- a sport so revered by my friends and family and one that despite years and years of exposure, I still don't love.  meh.   He's passing me on the specifics of the rules.

So for a few days I was contemplating the end of this power dynamic in our relationship when he asked me to change a fake opponent in one of his block guy games.  The Raisins.

I corrected him that the team is the Baltimore Ravens.  He questioned me in great detail but I held my own.  

Yes,  the Raisins are a piece of dried grape.  The Ravens are an intimidating black bird. 

I feel confident in my response and once again relevant in the eyes of my football worshiping 4 year old.  

*James thinks this is slang for a touchdown.  I am not going to touch this one.
** Even though his sports ambivalent mother prefers to think of them as outfits or costumes.

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