Monday, November 25, 2013

Manipulation Sing Along

I know there are a lot of Daniel Tiger fans out there-- and I just want to make sure parents fully understand the risks of this seemingly benign television program. 

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Tiger,  it's a spin off of Mr. Rogers where Daniel Tiger is takes the trolley to and fro and experiences things that kids are often resistant to do/try.

For example:

Daniel Tiger goes to the dentist
Daniel Tiger tries a tomato
Daniel Tiger attempts baseball-- despite a rather apparent phobia of public failure.  

You get the idea.

Well our young James now uses the songs from the show to try and get us to exhibit a characteristic advantageous to him.     The other day James destroyed his bedroom while looking for a specific football jersey and was told that he needed to clean up prior to dinner.*   While half-hearted cleaning he started singing:  "Friends help each other yes they do it's true."   He'd pause then look up and try again. "I said: Friends help each other yes they do it's true."

Nice try buddy.

*And possibly try the dreaded tomato.

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