Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lucy, you say

A couple weeks ago James and I talked about our future family plans.  For the record James would like five more babies* and a dog. 

Now before you get all judgy-- know that we do take his opinion seriously but the tall fitzes will be making the ultimate call on this.

In light of this five babies and another dog conversation. . . James has recently taken the conversation to the next level.  As in telling people about this phantom puppy that is to join our life.**

So let's talk about the puppy.  Lucy.  Lucy is a puppy that is black, white and brown.  She likes to eat hot dogs and play ball.

I don't know where he got the idea for this-  but it's a fairly well formed idea in his little noggin.

*To clarify-- Since Simon, James now believes all babies come from the airport and we can just go pick one up whenever.   If this was the case, the hurdle toward parenthood has been lowered considerably.   

**We'll see. Maybe the airport has a special on puppies too.  Puppies that are toilet trained and past the chewing phase. And do laundry.  That sounds like my kind of puppy.

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