Tuesday, November 19, 2013

As Fate Would Have It

 The last few months were challenging for me personally.  I was conflicted about my career and life's work.  (As in the two didn't align.)

I also had a lot of personal dynamics at play-- including the adoption of a special little boy.  So for as much as I wanted to be gung ho abut my career, I had an incredible feeling that now wasn't the time.  Priorities are a bitch huh?*

Well, after several month of informational interviews, networking and exploration I am happy to announce two things:
  1. I have better idea about what sort of work I want to do and am on my way to building a career in that area. 
  2. I received the kick in the butt I needed to do it.  I was laid off. **

As my friends and family know-- this was expected.  We often see reductions this time of the year and I suspected that the work my team was engaging in wasn't going to fit the direction of the firm long term.  We have also had significant management overhaul with several new leaders and after a while two and two weren't going to add up to anything other than four.

So this is where the fates come in for me.  Most of the big decisions or changes in my life are the result of some mysterious intervention.***   Sometimes the universe whispers and sometimes it yells.  I am hearing the latter.

So, this is a good thing.  We have some exciting things underway for us personally and for me professionally. (No announcement yet, but be excited, people.)    What is in many ways is a bit of rocky news is actually more of a blessing.

This is ironically the year of faith for us.   Going to put some stock in that one.

More to come people.

*In some senses, I think there is some truth to this statement.  I had an intense desire to make a significant career change but knew it wasn't the time.  With adopting however, you spend many, many months and years thinking that this very awesome thing could happen any minute.  Purgatory.

**My whole team actually.  boo.  It's a nice re-assurance though that it wasn't performance based but more a reflection of a re-org.

***Matt thinks I paid off my guardian angel.

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