Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Month

 ---This special post brought to you by the letter "G"---

It's hard to believe that Simon has already been home for a month.  What a lucky bunch we are.  Things are going really well and everyone has adjusted to a point that I think we can call this the new normal.    

Simon is less enthusiastic about climbing on people which is making James and Osa feel much more secure.  James even commented yesterday that he loves Simon and Simon loves him. The real turning point though was when Simon climbed into James' lap and James was excited enough to call me over to see how he and Simon were cuddling together.  Man oh man is our house a sweet, sweet place to be right now.*

Deirdre continues to hug and kiss Simon ad nauseum.  All is good between those two love birds.  Deirdre wants nothing more than to mommy Simon.  She is often reading to him, changing his diaper or trying to give him a bath.    All these things are pretty rough approximations but it's funny to see this maternal, sweet side emerge.   If any one is interested, Daisy does a daily reading of Brown Bear every morning from her crib.  She holds the book up and shouts BEAR BEAR, BIRD, OOOHH OOOHH OOOOHHH**  Simon sits in his crib as the audience to this very enthusiastic interpretation.   Performances start between 7:30 and 8:00 most mornings.  All are welcome. 

So the letter G--  as in Giardia.  Simon had his appointment at the U of Minnesota international adoption clinic last week.***  Our little guy is doing well-- gaining some solid weight.  Socially and developmentally he is doing awesome as well.  However. . . .

The kid has some rancid GI stuff going on.  It's very common for Ethiopian kids to have this little bug.  I love this kid-- but the foul poo I could do with out.   We are at an all time high diaper  and wipe consumption right now.  We are almost wrapped up with our medicine so hopefully this becomes a thing of the past soon!  

* If you aren't into the parenting thing, the gag factor might feel a little high given the fine line between sweet and saccharin. ;)  
 ** That is apparently the sound that all animals make. 
*** For those of you considering adoption-- I can not recommend the U of M international adoption clinic high enough.  This was such a blessing during the referral process and during our first doctor visit.  They spent almost two hours with us talking about various health issues, social issues and what we should expect in the next few months. 

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