Monday, July 15, 2013

For the Fan Base

Matt kind of chuckles at my little blog but is always suprised at the number of people who keep up with our happenings through it. So-- here you go, a special guest post straight from Ethiopia. These are a series of messages that he sent back regarding our new dude who. . . . drumroll. . . . now has a visa! Simon Tirfe arrives at MSP on Friday evening!! Applause Applause!

Saturday: Mom and I got to spend a couple hours with Simon Tirfe. He has a cold and was feeling kinda crummy (as well as shy) at first, but picked up as our time together progressed. My guess is that we will be kept fairly busy in thre days ahead. So far so good on our trip here. We plan to take him again overnight tomorrow prior to our embassy appointment on Monday morning (and the requisite panic over last minute documents). As of now, the plan is still to return home Thursday night/Friday. Enjoy - we have and cant wait to do more

Sunday: Slow but important day today. Spent the morning hanging around the hotel with the other families, and this afternoon we went to say hi to our kiddos. The great news is that we got to bring him home for the night. We'll be hanging out, reading books, and wiping noses all night. He is still feeling under the weather (it is cold and rainy, winter by Ethiopian standards) but overall doing fine. The internet is very slow and I am having difficulties uploading pictures, but here is one worth sharing. That was the bottle they gave us as we got in the van to leave the orphanage - and yes it is an ND bottle. Let the record show that it was the fates, and not I, who forced things. Tonight he played with some of his adoptive buddies, and had a blast. He is asleep now next to me, sawing logs. So far he is doing great. Tomorrow is our embassy appointment, which is supposed to be a (literal) rubber stamping. Of course that makes it all the scarier. But it is the last administrative hurdle on this long journey. Will share more then. G'night from afar 

Monday: Just an update today. We passed US embassy this morning, which amounts to the last big hurdle for this journey (other than the flight home). He will be a US citizen when we pass through immigration on our return - which I think the hundreds of other Ethiopians applying today at the embassy would be pretty jealous of. Anyway, he is doing well, and we are figuring each other out. Neither Simon or I can make any sense of Nana. 

Much Love from the Fitzes-- state side and otherwise. 


  1. I am also currently adopting from Ethiopia. We hopefully will be getting clearance from the Embassy on Monday! The birth mother interview was already rescheduled once so hoping for clearance this time. I just wondered after you heard from the Embassy if you chose your embassy appointment or if it was chosen for you. I heard if they are busy you cannot always pick and also how fast you found out the date? The next day or the same day? We are trying to make some last minute plans with tickets booking up so fast. Good luck to you with your new adventure! Your little one is sooo cute!!

  2. Hey there!

    Thanks for stopping by. We received an email almost immediately after the appointment saying that we cleared. In that email there was an invitation to request an appointment. We requested a window for the following week (5-7 days out) and they confirmed right away. Is your agency WACAP?