Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It seems like just yesterday that I was cheering on our embassy partners to now still sitting on my hands two weeks later.  I sometimes forget that people read this thing until I get asked what IS going on.

Well, here is what we know now-- there were some challenges with getting our finder (amongst others) to the embassy.  We don't know the inner details but it's a little vague.  I am trying not to be ugly American but it's hard when I am very task oriented and darn it- if i don't want to know the inner workings of each and every stage gate.   My type A tendencies aside-- It has been several weeks with very little news.  I am doing my very best to not ask too many questions but it's hard when it's YOUR baby now.

Now we heard that we have an appointment on Thursday and Matt and his Mom are leaving Thursday afternoon for the long journey to meet up with our guy.   The should arrive on Sat evening ET time, Sat morning CST.

I  am not so much frustrated at this point as I am hopeful that we can clear this final hurdle and welcome this little boy into our life.  Matt and Joan will be getting on a plane prior to knowing for certain if we cleared this final step.  Many flights are sold out afterward though and we felt like this process wasn't adventurous enough so we decided to gamble.  HAH. The agency thinks it will be fine-- but it's not like this process has been predictable each step of the way.

I have taken these last few days to nest-- our house could double as a consignment shop-- there are clothes and toys and furniture everywhere-- we are moving stuff around and making room for baby.   Everyone is fired up on this end-- even Daisy has started to talk about the baby.

Blessings to Matt and Joan as they make this great journey on behalf of myself and the rest of the family.  Prayers for the final legal and immigration steps-- that all goes smoothly so they can return in a week as planned (as a party of three.)

Finally, gratitude for all that have supported us in this journey. 

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