Saturday, July 27, 2013

Date Night

The last few nights have been very special. 

Matt is back at work and since I am spending the day with Simon and the gang, we decided to get James and Deirdre out for some 1:1 time.   (In order to get Matt some extra Simon time, I was the lucky date captain. )

James' date:   James wanted to go to Snuffy's and to see a movie.  We spent a lot of time getting ready-- picking out the perfect outfit and packing the right toys in the backpack to take to the movie theater.   We saw Monsters U which was very funny.

Splitting a hot dog and a milk shake.

It's not very often that your date wears rubber boots and a backpack.  (or cuddles in your lap during the movie).
Deirdre's date: Daisy couldn't articulate her desires as well for her date-- so I made an educated guess.  Shoes!  Daisy has be gabbing about shoes non-stop for a couple months so I took her to DSW to run around and window shop.  She loved taking shoes out of the box and peering at herself in the pint-sized mirrors.   Afterward, we went out for frozen yogurt.
A little big

Simon has been a rockstar the last couple days.  His smile is more and more frequent and he is loving playing with the older kids.  He now pulls from my arms when he wants to get in the action and will go quite a while between cuddling sessions.

He is a joy to have in our life and although it has been only a week- we are already feeling like he has been with us all along. 

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  1. So fun! Glad to hear you're getting some quality time with each of the littles. You go momma!