Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Long Way Home

Do you remember a while back when we had this awesome announcement because-- Y'all We are Having a BABY!

Well--the time marches on and we have a little news but not a lot of news.   So here is what we know--

May 13- We passed court and in the eyes of of the Ethiopian government, we legally had a son.   The next step was to make sure that the US agreed with the documentation and the what-not.

We were told to expect 6-8 weeks for the embassy process and for us to get back to pick up our little guy-- which if you are doing the math is right around the corner.

Our agency is arranging for his finder to make a trip to the capital, Addis Ababa, in the next week or so (we were hoping for this week but it isn't looking good.)    We are hearing that it is raining a lot in Ethiopia right now and some of the roads are not passable so we are keeping fingers and toes crossed.  Prayers welcome if you are so inclined.

At this point, we are hoping to travel the week after the fourth or soon after to pick up Simon.  We aren't sure if both of us will go on this trip.  I had a lot of heartache over leaving the kids behind last time so we are still contemplating.  Both kids now have passports-- so the options in my mind include all four of us traveling over and coming home as a party of five or Matt and one of his parents traveling over and me staying back with the other littles.

 I am leaning toward the second option* since I know we will have opportunities to go back with Simon down the road once the kids are a little older.   We will see though-- we are keeping our options open.

Communication from the embassy has been very good and frankly a stark contrast to the communication we received prior-- they are very specific about what each step and document is being reviewed.   We get emails every time our paperwork moves from one step to the next-- unfortunately those emails don't come frequently enough! 

Our little guy is still living in the agency's local care center- WACAP house.  We did receive a picture last week and updates on his measurements.  He is gaining weight well and is progressing well developmentally.

*I think taking Deirdre on a flight that long would be akin to cuddling a badger for 15 hours straight with the key entertainment being the hair of the poor person who sits in front of us.  Both our kids have flown many times but it is still a very long flight for young people-- especially when the focus should really be on our youngest on the way home. 

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