Thursday, June 13, 2013

Daisy, Our Delicate Flower

Something funny happened to baby girl in the past two or three weeks-- for lack of better words, she got opinionated. 

We spent a long time thinking about walking, then contemplating walking and then navigating walking.  It's odd--because once James starting to think about walking, there was a determination about mastering that skill.  It was about 1 month between cruising to toddler "jogging".  

There is a theory that kids work on walking or they work on talking-- but they don't necessarily work on both at the same time.  Daisy had a different path to walking-- she took two steps for about four months but didn't have a tremendous interest in taking that third step.   Now if the above theory nets out-- it meant that she wasn't progressing on the talking front either. 

I'll be honest, Matt cringes a little when I pull out the "well, people say. . . " theory of medicine but Daisy was pretty tough for a while and I think a lot of it came down to a lack of empowerment.  She wasn't able to communicate or go where she needed or wanted to go--  we had a lot of temper tantrums for a while. 

How three weeks can change a girl.  We have mastered walking and have a desire to be understood.  AKA. Her new favorite activity is bellowing.  Girl hasn't yet learned volume control

Say Nana


Say Daddy


Say Freedom


May I present our daughter. William Wallace.

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