Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Things have been keeping on in a pretty mellow manner around here.  We are still waiting for any sort of update on our little guy.  It's a different kind of wait now-- but one that we are growing pretty used to.    Now we know his name, know him, see pictures of his adorable little face all around our house, and talk about him routinely with our other kids.  But he is not here and we still know very little about when he will actually come home. 

I do have some degree of frustration over this fact-- I really thought that once he was legally ours we would be getting more updates on him.  I struggle in the fact that I am probably acting like an entitled American--  but damn if I don't want to know if my kid bonked his head, got a boo-boo on his finger or has a tummy ache.  I want to know what he had for lunch and what toys he is playing with--  More importantly, I want to know that someone is loving him up.  These are questions I ask of our caregivers when our kids are with someone else and they seem fair.    To date, we haven't received any updates or pictures since we were in Ethiopia.  ugh.

We have two steps we need to clear before we can go back and get him-- after court, the ET government needs to finish their paperwork and make sure that medicals etc. are in order. If I understand correctly, this is a three week process generally. (We are currently at or past the three week mark)

Then those documents will go to the US embassy, where they will do their own research and immigration documents.  Once the embassy has completed their work, we will get notice that we have been granted an appointment which is our all clear to book travel and get over there.  This process generally takes three to four weeks but can be as soon as one week.

I feel a little whiny complaining-- especially after how far we have come in the past three and a half years- but geez, this slog of a wait continues!  I have heard that adoption waits are a little like the amnesia of childbirth-- after your child is home you forget about the pain! 

I'll let you know.

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