Sunday, May 5, 2013

Red Light, Green Light

We are playing a lot of Red Light, Green Light* around here.  Lately it's felt like more than a game though!

Adoption is very much a slog at times-- lots of waiting, even more uncertainty and a great deal of introspection.   Those days of waiting and wondering seem like years ago though.  

The last month or so I have been following the policy of a 'watched pot never boils,' so I've been keeping busy.  For years I have been saying: "well, we will see, the adoption you see . . . ."

After hearing nothing about the court date,  I started accepting some work and social invitations for travel-- some of which put me above my normal one trip per month standard.     Suddenly I find myself amidst a near nutso schedule.

I did think we would get a little more notice about the court date-- but we are making it work folks!  I am on the second city in a three city tour before I leave for the most important trip I could imagine.

So Nashville to  Chicago to Boston to DC to Istanbul to Addis Ababa to Istanbul to DC to MSP I go! I like to think of it as the Fitz International Tour. . .

Matt and I are communicating and collaborating as well as possible given the fact that I am in town for only a few hours before we head off for the 10 day adventure of meeting our son.  


*James understand traffic signals now.  awesome.  everyone loves their their three year old giving driving advice.

*James also does this with driving,  only red lights mean you stop where you are whenEVER you see them-- even if it is 2 block ahead.  Nothing so fun as having your three year old critique your driving from the back seat.  "MOM, it says STOP."

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