Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Today was a little bittersweet-- Sunday is the staff's day off so we weren't able to see our kiddos.  But it was a great opportunity to take in more of the Ethiopian culture.   Our guest house, while comfortable  and generous- feels a little secluded from the rest of the city.   Our travel mates and us hired a mini van to take us around some of the local sites: the national museum, Entoto mountain and the Piazza.

We started our trip with checking out the national museum to see Lucy, a 3.2million year old female pre-homosapien.    She's petite-- looking like a long evolutionary line to the Fitzpatrick clan.

We traveled up to the top of the Entoto mountain to visit the first palace of Addis Ababa.  There was a beautiful village surrounding the old palace along with a church and a museum.  (Also a great view of the sprawling city.)

Tomorrow we head to court to (fingers crossed) adopt our children.  Our kiddos will not get to come home quite yet though.  We are hoping for the final paperwork hurdle to clear with the US embassy in the next 6-8 weeks so that we can bring them home. 

Being separated from James and Daisy and new bud was tough for Mother's day.  I was also thinking about our little guy a lot as well since he will soon have two Mother's in his life.  

Ethiopian art often represents Mary in its icons-- seeing these beautiful symbols through the city was a great reminder of how special a day Mother's day is personally, spiritually and for the identity of our little ones.  So much gratitude tonight especially for the birth mother of my youngest son. 

Also gratitude for my sweet mothers-- Patty and Joan 

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