Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Decision We Have Ever Made

Heck of a claim-- right?

Well, today the nanny started and holy smokes, this is a game changer. 

I had some hang-ups with the nanny-- it's the same hang up I have with the personal trainer, the house-cleaner and the lawn service.  It's more expensive and my scrappy self has a hard time with the luxurious feeling.*  (I also thought there might be some social benefits for our kids being in a group setting.)   However, I practically skipped getting out of bed this morning.  It's amazing and I am kicking myself that we didn't do this earlier.

Things we didn't do in the dark hours of the morning:

  • Change diapers
  • Get dressed X4
  • Make breakfast
  • Negotiate tooth brushing
  • Pack a diaper bag
  • Pack extra clothes for day care
  • Discuss the fact that the snack was put into a snack CUP and not a plastic BAG. Wait-- did you say you wanted a big graham cracker and your graham cracker broke in two as we moved it from cup to said bag?  Big you say?  BIG?  BIG, BIG CRACKER?  Baby, don't cry. It tastes the same.  You need to brush your teeth.  I am serious.

Gaby, who is our new personal savior showed up today and I pointed to the sleeping children and headed out to the door to my meeting.   She is super awesome and we are thrilled to get her!  I have popped upstairs a couple times today and she has been reading and doing crafts.  It's awesome for everyone-- and because her hours flex around Matt's schedule, we have built in some weekend, weeknight time off for me.  WHOA.

Oh the freedom.**

* Luckily, at three kids, it's a break-even between group day care and a nanny.  At least, that's how I am justifying.

* I did not appreciate personal freedom enough in the early stages of my career-- when the only thing I had to get out the door was get dressed and brush my own damn teeth.

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