Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back in the US

After we passed court, we went out for coffee with our travel friends to celebrate and then to a nice dinner.  Our flight left Ethiopia at 1am that evening and we flew to Istanbul for an extended layover.

Istanbul is amazing.  AMAZING.  I have seen quite a few European cities-- and this may top my list.  Amazing food, amazing scenery and amazing arts.   I will post some pictures and details in the next few days.   love.

We are now in DC with Matt's family.  We went to the Preakness yesterday-- which is the second race in the triple crown.  It's an interesting event in that all walks of life attend-- there was a centerfield concert* that is dirty, mucky with drunken porta-potties. .. .  drunken everything really. . . and then there is the grandstands with people dressed to the nines in hats and bow ties! (no porta-potties).  Great people watching!  I am not one to use a horse race as a way to prop up my 401k- but I did enjoy the  occasional $2 bet based off the scientific process of cool name, or great bib color.  A day I will never forget!

*The concert featured Pitbull-- who as you may know does many duets. . . tough concert for Mr. Bull-- since he in essence raps along to karoake monitors of famous people singing.  

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