Friday, May 10, 2013


We made it!   After having a great Mexican dinner (got to start somewhere) with Bill's family, we got on Turkish Airlines for our 9 hour flight to Istanbul.  A little turbulence* ** but no too bad all in all. . . and they served Turkish delight on the flight- woo hoo.

Dulles to Istanbul

We had a two hour lay over in Istanbul and then were off to Addis Ababa on a five hour flight.   Customs, currency exchange all went smoothly.  We weren't exactly sure if they sent someone to pick us up at the airport so we wandered around a bit outside the airport-- which at midnight seemed a little questionable.  We headed to the taxi stand after a few minutes and saw someone holding a sign with our names-- awesome.  

It only took 10 minutes or so from there to get to the hotel.  The hotel is small but communal- with a great shared dining and living space.  The staff has been incredible so far and Matt likes the fact that coffee keeps flowing.

This morning is the big day-- we had breakfast with a really great family who met our guy yesterday and said that he was lively if not a little vocal about another baby getting attention.   We leave here in 5 minutes or so to go meet him for the first time-- no shortage of attention coming your way, kiddo!!

Life is good in our little world right now.

*I recently had a rocky flight and have been a little air-shy since. . . . luckily ambien helped squelch those nerves.  God bless the pharmacy.

**On the second flight, I skipped the ambien and went straight for vodka-- but needed to repeat it with increasing volume multiple times to get the message across.  Now who feels like an alcoholic.  VOD-ka, vodKA,  I WANT VODKA please. 

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