Thursday, April 4, 2013

No News is No News

Things have been quiet on the adoption front-- which surprises me in some ways.

I thought that after we had a real live baby-- a little man with a name, and personality and needs that we would be receive daily emails with pictures and video of our little guy.   Are my expectations too high?  Maybe a little.

It's funny to me though that after months years of waiting that we aren't hearing more.  We accepted the referral of our little guy and sent in the final paperwork and now we wait for a court date.  The good news is that waiting is one thing that the Fitzpatricks have spent months years perfecting.

People have been asking for more details and folks--we just don't have them.  Adoption remains a funny beast in that sense-- we know he's real now and are growing in our excitement but we still don't know any more about him.

Our year of faith is seeming like a very apt choice- because more than I ever thought this adoption process really is about faith.  

So stayed tuned. . .  hopefully we will have news soon.

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