Friday, April 26, 2013

House Tour-- Finished Basement

This is a little tardy as we are pretty well moved back in. . . well if you don't count the fact that we can't park in our garage yet because its still inhabited by the contents of what was our basement storage. . . but that's a conversation for another day.

We gained a lot of space by finishing the basement; space that we will need as our family grows-- I am so glad we did this project now before we adopted the little guy and we focus on living a quieter life as he transitions to our home.  

First a couple befores taken the day we moved into the house:

Family Room
And a couple progress shots:

So here, it is!  Ta---Da!!

This is the new walk down to the basement.   We took down the wall surrounding the stairs at the top so there is a lot more light.  Also a big debate-- the orange wall-- it's called Pumpkin Patch. I love it, and I think it's growing on Matt.  This wall is visible in every area of the house and I really wanted to do something fun.  That and I bought a bat-crazy light fixture for the stairway that looked totally out of place next to a white wall.   I could see painting it a different color every couple of years to keep the house evolving. 

The bathroom is new-- we wanted something neutral but modern at the same time. 

This is all the storage we have left in the basement-- tiny, huh?  At some point we will re-claim our garage.  Hopefully before it snows again next fall.  We need to sort the garage out pretty carefully and put it away in a way that make sense because we are dealing with just one rack of shelves!

New family room.  The stairs walk right into this room-- before the stairs entered into a hallway.

home office/ future bedroom.  We did the french doors for a couple reasons-- it creates better flow between the family room and they block sound because they are exterior doors.  Once it becomes a bedroom for someone, we will put curtains up.

Stairs in the family room

The extra bedroom ended up being pretty large- hopefully we can have some kids bunk up if need be!


  1. Dana,
    So fun to see how your renovation turned out, thanks for posting the pics!
    Here is a little unsolicited advice about the plants under the light: when starting garden plants indoors under light, the goal is to have short strong stems, like a wrestler's physique. The fluorescent bulbs are so much weaker than real sunlight that plants will reach up to try to get more light, which usually results in tall, lanky basketball player plants. Try to lower the lights so that they are almost touching the plants, for sure within one inch of the top leaves. For two flats placed end to end, it is recommended to have four fluorescent tubes over them. Having too few lights and having them too far away is the most common mistake people make, and since you have such a wide reaching network, I figure if I tell you about this, then many many people will eventually benefit and be more successful starting plants inside. The other tip is to have a fan blowing in the room, either indirectly circulating the air or pointed towards the plants on the low setting but moving it to a new direction each day. This will make the stems strong, so that they don't immediately fall over when placed outside and experience their first-ever breeze. The fan does make them dry out a lost faster, so if you don't want to water them every day, then at least be sure to brush over the plants with your hand a few times each day to move the stems a little. Good luck and have fun with it!

  2. Chris, That is awesome advice! This is our first time trying this so I appreciate any guidance. We set up a little fan and are going to hope for the best. We are planning on doing a 'square foot garden'. We had a friend who was a big fan of the method-- have you tried it? Also, if you see this- I would love to hear your thought on garden placement-- our options are south or west facing!

    Thanks again for such a day brightener for a note!