Monday, April 15, 2013

And We Didn't Bring a Card

Friday night we stopped by our local indoor play zone because its SNOWING IN APRIL.   I am about the bazillionth person to complain about Minnesota weather so I will leave it at that.  Our play structure often hosts a variety of birthday parties so there are usually lots of kids running around-- some organized, some not. 

Deirdre was feeling tired and fussy and I started to notice that she was eyeing other kids bottles-- poor bird was hungry.   They do have a vending machine nearby so I let James keep playing  while I ducked out to buy a pack of crackers.

James, ever an opportunist decides to take the most of my leaving the room for 44 seconds. 

I sit down to feed my bird and another mom taps me on the shoulder.

"Is it okay if he has another cupcake?"   Another? I look over to see James standing at the birthday party buffet asking for a juice box.

"Thank you, but no.  We aren't guests of the party.  Thanks for the cupcake, though!"

This kid would fail the marshmallow test.