Monday, March 11, 2013

Sweet Husband

I decided to direct one last play-- as a fundraiser for a pretty neat group of theater kids-- one that I have become quite close to over the years. 

So. .  long story short.  The play had some cast changes and I had a tough time finding a replacement for one particular role.  A lady role. . . . enter Matthew to the rescue.  

So, you know marriage is good when your hubby is wiling to play a gal to save your show.*

However there has been some funny marital moments this week.

Matt while modeling his new figure commented:

"I feel powerful.  Is this what boobs feel like?"
"Maybe . . . might depend on the size.  What are you using to stuff your bra?"
"Your undies."


"They were nice and small, so it was easy to size them just right."

Well, it was probably as good of a recovery as possible given that he was wearing a bra and my undies.   That's right, compliment the size** of your wife's bum when borrowing her lady things.

Come see our show

*The play is a farce y'all so it is a-ok with a very masculine 6' 5" lady. 

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