Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Red Thread of Adoption

On this Valentine's day I am thoughtful about a little boy who is soon to join our family.  

After three years of preparation, I have almost news - we are at the top of the list at our agency.  Exciting, I know.  I also have met enough people who have been in this exact same position and devastating changes in government or policy have had them back at the start line.   I am being careful with my heart but damn, it's exciting and awesome.  

I recently was introduced to the idea of the Red Thread of Destiny.   In adoption, this is the idea that families are bound together by a red thread.  Families that are separated but meant to be still find a way to join together as one.

Speaking of faith-- this seems to be a beautiful philosophy to subscribe to right now. 

There have been times where I have wished that this process would have been faster or more predictable but the red thread would indicate that the child meant for us wasn't ready to come yet.  God in divine wisdom would know when we were meant to be together.  

I have decided to approach this from a place of love, respect for the process and optimism.  I have started to think of him as a very real little boy and have started to make preparations of him joining our family: Work has been told,  significant obligations put on hold, and love ready to be shared.  

So on this special valentines day, I am thinking about my four loves-- the three family members in my little house and the little one in Ethiopia waiting for his forever family. 

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