Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweet Baby Girl is ONE

This is late- but not forgotten!   Our poor girl-- I have been determined to not miss these milestones with her but we accidentally locked ourselves out of the office last weekend.   We certainly won't forget that you are growing up-- you remind us every day.

You know,  they say that no two kids are alike.   Yep, captain obvious. Well, I didn't really get that until there were two kids.

On Daisy's birthday, James helped make the cupcakes for the "party." James did the frosting and the sprinkles and mentioned, oh, I don't know. . . . 44 times that he was going to help blow out the candles.  

So here is a clip of what happened.  We sing the song.  Deirdre is pretty chill and when it's time for the big moment, James gets up in all its pageantry to blow out the candles.   

What you don't see on the video is indicated by the gasp.  While we were watching James "prepare" to blow out the candles,  Deirdre took two fingers and pinched out the fire.    James proceeded to funnel his dramatic spirit into an awesome temper tantrum*  Deirdre proceeds to act like sticking your hand in fire ain't no thang.

So yes, my two kids are totally different.   The one we celebrate today is belly laughing toddler who is fiercely independent, confident and can extinguish fire with her bare hands.**      

Much love Daisy.

*For those of you with littles, I fully recommend the melt-down video.  It's awesome to recollect over a glass of vino. 
**Let's hope this doesn't become a party trick during your teenage years.

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