Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Sweet gal is squawky!    We had some cute little milestones over here that would just melt your heart-- at least they did mine. 

Deirdre is talking up a storm!   Most of it is babble and exploration but we have had some great approximations with clear intention.  We can now say hi and bye and momma, dadda, cheese (as in say cheese for the camera) and cookie appropriately. 

With James we had just been starting the early intervention program for his hearing loss so we were tracking pretty specifically to different language milestone-- with Deirdre it has been a much more organic (and dare I say it, pleasurable) experience.

She is getting to be a total hoot overall-- she remains our instigator and we can see that her wheels are turning a bit more. . . I suspect we aren't far from walking at this point-- maybe another month or two. . .suddenly she is finding that crawling isn't as fast as she wants it to be. . . so we will see if she has the patience to learn a new skill amidst all the wrestling and teasing that is going on in our house.

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