Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year

I have been absent here lately-- we've been busy-- traveling, working, nesting. .  . the life and times of the Fitzpatricks.

So what is new?  Not a heck of a lot.  I feel a bit obliged to circle back on some topics and close out the last month.

For a while I was sure that there were some changes coming my way-- I mentioned here that I had some funny feelings that a change was coming our way- but time came and went and it appears to be steady eddy over here.  I am not complaining as I seem to have no problem getting into my own mischief just fine without it coming to look for me. 

For the time being we are sitting tight and focusing on finishing up all that we started.  aka. the house.  I promise I will put pictures up as soon as I can! 

It is also that time of the year where we start thinking about what it is our family is about. . .  

The first year that we did this annual theme we focused on gusto.   I know that any parent to young children will validate how quickly life turns into a cycle of laundry, meal times and diapers.  Oh and making a living.   That year was intended to focus us on living out of the box, making memories and embracing life fully as a family with young'uns.  

The second year was about health.  We decided to be a little more concrete about our goals and I am pleased to tell you that we did pretty well. 

  • No drive thru's-- We made it until about August when the craziness of the home renovation hit. We didn't go too nuts but alas, didn't make the goal.   Damn those places are convenient. 
  • 12 Events.   Negative, turns out that many races no longer allow strollers.   We did run a bunch so that was sweet and often with the kids which I think is great role modeling and awesome multi-tasking. .  . many snack times were enjoyed in the jogging stroller.
  • TC Marathon.  Yay.  We finished in about 5.30 with lots of walking and talking and general fun.  I followed up with a half two weeks later and finished in 2.15-- which gave me a better sense of what I can do when I try.   I am still running a few times a week but am focusing on my 5k time-- I would like to get under 26 minutes which would be a PR for me.  It's a fun goal to work toward and doesn't require as much training time as the marathon.
  • 65.  We wanted to lose 65 lbs between the two of us and that was a success. I put on a lot less weight with Deirdre and found it so much easier to lose overall. Matt and I both hit our goals and I am now back to the weight I was prior to having kids. 

Now for 2013.  We DEBATED AND DEBATED this one-- there is so much that makes sense for us right now-- but when you want to boil it down to a single word or theme finding that word is very difficult.  The words that seemed to fit the best were largely reflective, inward and heady-- unfortunately all difficult things to blog about without being a total narcissist. *   

One week into the year we have heard some maybe, sorta, trying to not overplan, positive things about the adoption and suddenly the word seemed to present itself:  FAITH. 

So there you have it-- This is the year of faith.  We have a lot we are presenting up to God to determine for us in our life.  Faith.  We also want to improve our relationship with God.  Faith.  I also find that this time of year, I can get a little wrapped up in the darkness of the season and want to assume the positive. Faith.  

Faith just fits us so well right now.  So there you have it. 

In other news, I would like to be a better little blogger.  I have started a bunch of topics here and never circled back so I am resolving to be a little better about finishing out topics and being honest about what is going on (when possible.) 

So let's start:  The last month was busy.  We didn't do a whole heck of a lot for Christmas as our house was still in shambles**.  We did go to Florida and I managed to fly with two kids by myself.  Rawr!   Matt went to the BCS bowl game last weekend and I have resumed my tasks (and travel) for my new gig at work.  

**My life-long dream of having a giant inflatable Christmas character in my front lawn was once-again left unrealized. 

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